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AI being part of creating composition pictures

To me as professional photographer AI (text to image) has become a great new tool to create objects to composition pictures. 

My typical workflow from the scratch: First the Blank Paper - playing with ideas of the wanted outcome. Once I have the idea of the picture I will start creating "the space" with AI - that can be any kind of a view depending on the idea of the outcome. Once I have "the space" I will work on additional object that I need for the picture - like the picture of the Earth that I hold in picture shown below. 

Ok - here the idea was to have a picture of me standing on a ground of some mystical planet holding the Earth on my hands. No more the blank paper 😃

After I had all objects ready made by AI I set the lighting in my studio to match the light in the background image. It is important to have matching illumination and direction of the light - otherwise you can not end up with a nice piece of art 😎 Next step was to have all pictures imported to Photoshop and start image clipping - this is an excellent step to have everything going south, so DON'T BE SLOPPY!! 


I always do the image clipping before embedding pictures. Also before embedding check the image sizes and match them to be used in a same picture. After you have done a good and precise work on image clipping it is fun to start working on the image. With the image below I used several different brushes, several layers of different curves (I use curves for dodging and burn) and matching colors and tunes with colour balance and hue/saturation tools - normal Photoshop editing.

Me and My World


Here is some other my "idea to image" artworks

Giant's kick

This image below came from an idea of a rather large "Me as a Giant" kicking bricks of the site street in Mystery City. Workflow was the same as described above.


Devil in the mirror

I created this next image below couple weeks ago after few spots of my face was treated with cryotherapy - this reflects the feeling of looking at the mirror few days after the treatment 😅

This was a rather big project with about 25 layers in Ps!


AI text-to-image is a wonderful new tool for professional photographers. 

I know there are a lot of colleagues that think: shit - no one needs me anymore. But instead of throwing your gear into the nearest lake, think all the new possibilities that new technology can offer to you as a professional creator!

It has never been so easy to create objects to your images! So turn you business from taking pictures into Creating Pictures! There is still a good need to capture real life too  🙂

Stay Positive and Stay CREATIVE! 🤓

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